The sum of a band

Subtlety, of course, is the enemy of “rules,” those one-size-fits-all, dictatorial commandments that ensure that all over the country, newspapers are using the same style and process for sharing information. I understand the need for these rules, and most of the time, it saves a lot of confusion.
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Tunesday: Totally not the ’80s

Just like Marty McFly in “Back to the Future Part II,” these current pop, rock and dance hits sound like they’ve traveled from 1989. Whether you’re an ’80s baby or a lover of throwback-ish tunes, these modern-day, ’80s-esque synth-pop masterpieces were made for the time traveler in us all. “Rollercoaster”
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The Killers: Battle Born

If any more evidence were needed, The Killers are proof of the unfortunate phenomenon that popularity so often equates with mediocrity in the music world. A hugely acclaimed band, they have built their success on plain, enervated rock songs. It’s the least common denominator at work again, as The Killers
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