Sustainability of Berkeley butcher shop debated

Sustainable butcher shop article omits important factors The article on sustainable meat leaves out critical information.  While “sustainably raised” meat is better than factory farmed meat, it is hardly a “win-win-win.” Beef is the worst product for the environment, sustainably raised or not, because cows produce so much methane. The
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The Local Butcher Shop, Berkeley's newest sustainable butcher shop, opened its doors last week. The owners aim to keep the butchery process transparent for customers.

Former Chez Panisse chef opens sustainable butcher shop in Berkeley

By using meat from sustainable ranches and keeping the butchery process transparent for customers, a former Chez Panisse chef and his wife are aiming to change the experience of buying and eating meat with their newly opened Berkeley butchery, The Local Butcher Shop. The owners — couple Monica and Aaron
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