Ghost from a ghost story looms, lonely and alone, in a dark corner

The specter of Casey Affleck’s past ruined ‘A Ghost Story’ for me

We cannot separate abusive artists from the art they create — in order to hold them accountable, we must condemn their actions and acknowledge their impact

Content warning: sexual violence When watching movies, we bring much more than popcorn and M&M’s — we bring our experiences, both consciously and subconsciously, and they inform our perception of each film we watch. David Lowery’s “A Ghost Story” is built on the premise of this intimate cinematic exchange that
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Remembering Susan Rasky

Berkeley journalism instructor, former New York Times reporter, dies at 61

When describing Susan Rasky, those of us who knew her professionally often highlight three characteristics: her razor-sharp journalistic intuition, her enviable ability to fully comprehend multiple perspectives and her extraordinary relationships with the students she taught. Rasky was an award-winning journalist whose reporting consistently elevated public discourse and a mentor
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Environmental pipe dreams

Grass Roots

There was a time in my life when I knew exactly what I wanted to be. Or rather, where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in New York City, home of sky-high buildings, even higher rent prices and more importantly to me, The New York Times. I dreamed
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The University of California and ‘The Reproduction of Privilege’

The Devil's Advocate

On Monday, The New York Times’ Thomas B. Edsall made a compelling argument that the role of American higher education has been inverted over the last few decades: During the post-World War II economic expansion, college education served “as a springboard to social mobility,” but today it largely reinforces class
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