Tunesday: Heaven knows we were miserable then

I personally attended very few parties in high school. For my friend group and I, it was mostly the age of bookmarked Tumblr pages and cool girl Doc Martens. But I was glad we had good music. No eardrum-busting EDM or tonally repetitive rap music, neither of which my friends
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Tunesday: Sad covers for sunny days

Finding a good cover can be like falling in love with a favorite song all over again. The following covers have two things in common: They are all sad (because summertime sadness isn’t just Lana Del Rey’s domain), and they are all better than their originals. So, whether you’re newly
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Bombay Bicycle Club: A Different Kind of Fix

At last, an indie band has got it right. Considering all the monotonous droning one must sift through in the current indie scene (which has degenerated into banality), it’s good to know that there’s a group capable of capturing real emotions within a characteristically indie sound. With their third studio
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