‘The Walking Dead’ butchers premiere, revives in 2nd installment

As the credits rolled on “The Walking Dead” season seven premiere, I began to think to myself, “Who enjoyed watching that hour of television?” But why exactly was it so horrible? You could boil it down to the fact I didn’t particularly enjoy seeing the gory details of Glenn and Abraham’s demise. But truly, gruesomeness aside, it was the gimmicks that ruined “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.”
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Why America loves zombies

I’ve been thinking a lot about America lately. I have determined a list of fundamentally American things, and I will list just three of them here: 1. Diversity 2. The “yes” attitude of we did, we can and we will 3. Firearms AMC’s “The Walking Dead” contains a good dosage
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Zombie apocalypse themes remain dominant in popular culture

'World War Z' is yet another entry into the zombie genre

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — a legitimate federal agency, remember — launched an educational blog called “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” in May 2011. It aimed to teach readers how to behave in a disaster situation prior to the year’s hurricane season; according to CDC Director Ali Khan,
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‘The Walking Dead’ feeds off player’s choices

“No one is safe in “The Walking Dead.” Unlike the power fantasies zombie-related media typically induce, Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” is about dreadful choices; forced, dysfunctional relationships and the clash between Darwinist survival and civilized morality in the zombie apocalypse. As resources inevitably run low and tensions rise, the choices
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