A walk through the open streets: Berkeley’s 6th annual Sunday Streets festival

The beats of Brazilian street drummers filled the air, providing a rhythm for the hundreds of feet marching along some of Berkeley’s most iconic streets. While not necessarily crowded, the blocked-off areas were populated by laughing children playing cornhole or blowing bubbles, local election campaigners hoping to gain votes and people of all ages painting animal figurines.
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The Who lives up to legacy of fire-powered rebellion

Sunday | Land's End Stage

In the misty fog engulfing Golden Gate Park on Sunday evening, singer-songwriter and guitarist Pete Townshend walked onto Land’s End stage already beaming. “You’re wet! You’re all fucking wet — and we’re not wet!” he laughed as vocalist-guitarist Roger Daltrey stepped up to the mic and added: “But it won’t
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Woodstock memoir misses the beat

Woodstock — the massive music festival of 1969 that radically challenged the way we experience music — has been recreated and relived so many times since that a book depicting who Woodstock’s creators are today seems like a new and natural extension of the concert’s narrative. The title and persona
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Beyond fault

It is with some restlessness that I write this post, which almost certainly will be my last on Strikeout. Over my nine semesters with The Daily Californian, this blog has been principal and peripheral, a source of revelry and a source of regret (unfortunately, my favorite posts predate the current
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ArCATypes: Persona-fication

I know you’ve all stared at multiple Google image searches of Lady Gaga. And you’ve probably wondered, “How do famous people even exist?” Next to your everyday life of be-sweatpanted mediocrity, the fierceness of Gaga’s inability to wear pants seems mythical. It seems like artists are one-upping each others’ Personas
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