the xx I See You | Young Turks Grade: A-

The xx ages with grace on latest album ‘I See You’

Since the release of the xx’s near-perfect debut, 2009’s eponymous xx, and its fine sequel, 2012’s Coexist, the xx left and re-entered a pop space that has undergone a drastic tonal shift that they’ve helped to pioneer. There are acts like the Chainsmokers, who pilfered the hazy romantic chords of
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Tunesday: Genre-bending Covers

There are covers, and then there are genre-bending covers, in which artists take a piece of popular culture and reimagine it into a completely different style (whether that style is their own or a totally separate one). These covers can often be as compelling or interesting as the originals and
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Jamie xx delivers luscious sounds in debut album

A packed nightclub can be the loneliest place in the universe — a paradox that Jamie xx instinctively understands. As the producer and DJ has risen to prominence beyond his role as the behind-the-boards maestro for the xx, Jamie xx knows that his sold-out sets are packed with single hearts
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Tunesday – Dedicated to What’s-Your-Name

Dear what’s-your-name, it’s me. I’m that guy who was too scared to say a word to you in your class all semester. I’m that guy who was too nervous to approach you on the bus when I saw you reading one of my favorite novels. I’m that guy who was
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