Winged wanderlust takes flight in ‘The Dragon Play’

This is a play about dragon sex. And whatever you think that means, you’re wrong. “The Dragon Play,” a 70-minute drama in one act, tells the story of forbidden flames between humans and dragons. The play, directed by Tracy Ward and written by Jenny Connel Davis, is hosted by Impact
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‘Summertime’ has an unquenchable thirst for life

The stage is whimsically serene. The backdrop features a blue sky with impressionistic poofy, hazy clouds. A desk with carefully strewn work, a set of lawn chairs, a couch, a side table with snacks and another with sparkling crystal bottles are distributed among clusters of birch trees standing tall and
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BareStage’s latest hints at a glimmer of hope in judicial system

We can change. It’s an inspiring thought — one that should be kept in mind while watching BareStage Productions’ “12 Angry Men.” Centered on revealing the injustices of the American legal system, the play bears a powerful message that has carried over decades. This message, modernized and with a renewed
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SF Playhouse’s ‘Ideation’ fails to be fully realized

After a year’s worth of tweaking since its rough-draft debut, “Ideation” arrived at the San Francisco Playhouse on Saturday night for a maiden performance. In almost every sense, it’s a very minimalist production. This is clear upon entering the theater, where the audience is met with a sparse set —
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‘Cock’ doesn’t need to go to great lengths to please

For a play with only a sandpit stage, burlap-lined chairs and four characters, Michael Bartlett’s “Cock” has a lot to crow about. Yes, its bold title is an attention-grabber, but the award-winning show, which made its West Coast premiere last weekend at the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco,
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SF Fringe Fest thrills despite minor theatrical missteps

‘Ballet Russe Spectacle Variete’ Before the show even started, the 10 actors involved in “Ballet Russe” commanded the tiny theater space. The elder characters, Sergei (Brian Mathis) and Natasha (Lori Saltis) greeted each audience member with stern admonitions to take a passport — the playbill — and a potato to
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Piratical perfection reigns in ‘Pirates of Penzance’

If there were a contest for the most British play of all time, “The Pirates of Penzance” would be a strong contender for first place. It is a delightfully silly farce that is a “Slave of Duty” to Britannia — her naval traditions, her obsession with class and the richness
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