‘Cock’ doesn’t need to go to great lengths to please

For a play with only a sandpit stage, burlap-lined chairs and four characters, Michael Bartlett’s “Cock” has a lot to crow about. Yes, its bold title is an attention-grabber, but the award-winning show, which made its West Coast premiere last weekend at the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco,
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SF Fringe Fest thrills despite minor theatrical missteps

‘Ballet Russe Spectacle Variete’ Before the show even started, the 10 actors involved in “Ballet Russe” commanded the tiny theater space. The elder characters, Sergei (Brian Mathis) and Natasha (Lori Saltis) greeted each audience member with stern admonitions to take a passport — the playbill — and a potato to
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Piratical perfection reigns in ‘Pirates of Penzance’

If there were a contest for the most British play of all time, “The Pirates of Penzance” would be a strong contender for first place. It is a delightfully silly farce that is a “Slave of Duty” to Britannia — her naval traditions, her obsession with class and the richness
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Double the delight in Cal Shakes’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’

To the modern theatergoer, an audience’s behavior in Elizabethan England might seem unruly, if not outright indecent. At the Globe Theatre in London, Shakespeare’s plays were performed for thousands of spectators who would flood the grounds and jostle into the pit, a standing-room yard adjacent to the stage where the
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Community pride without prejudice in Austen adaptation

If it isn’t already, it should be a truth universally acknowledged that community theater is awesome. Local theater companies increase accessibility to the arts by giving people, young and old, an opportunity to participate in theater as actors, tech crew members, volunteers and audience members — all at a reasonable
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Gay penguin play delights in San Francisco

Marc Acito's play follows a gay penguin family at Central Park Zoo

When’s the last time you saw an award-winning play about gay chinstrap penguins? Luckily for you, “Birds of a Feather” is playing in San Francisco and can help you cross that one off your list — and it’s delightful. Written by Marc Acito, the play examines issues surrounding same-sex marriage,
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