Thrifting 101 with the Clog

Shopping at thrift stores is an awesome and easy way to buy inexpensive clothing while still promoting a sustainable lifestyle. With all of the amazing thrift stores in the area surrounding UC Berkeley and the Bay Area in general, it’s pretty easy to be sucked into all of the good deals and quickly forget the fact that the items you are buying are, in fact, used. On a recent trip to a thrift store, we at the Clog devised a conclusive guide to help our readers narrow down their thrifting purchases by identifying a few thrifting don’ts.
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Fashion Fridays: Welcome Week Edition

It’s Welcome Week, and everyone’s dressing to impress — freshmen and returning students alike. So how do you stick out from the crowd? Don’t fret about first impressions, just express yourself like you normally would. Sporting everything from menswear-inspired chic to antique accessories, these five best-dressed kids show that the
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