GOP gubernatorial candidate proposes higher education facelift


A trailing California gubernatorial candidate released an extensive plan to overhaul the state’s education system Tuesday, proposing a major expansion of online course offerings and free tuition for students in math and science degree programs statewide, among other initiatives.
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UCLA-affiliated program for illegal immigrants halted

UCLA-affiliated National Dream University — a project that would provide low-cost education through a one-year certificate program geared toward illegal immigrants — has been halted due to a lack of necessary approval by UCLA leadership. The proposed university, which was to result from a collaboration between UCLA’s Center for Labor
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Open source textbook bill passes state Legislature

A set of bills that would create an online library of free electronic textbooks was passed by the state Legislature last week — an effort aimed at alleviating the burden of rising textbook prices for students at California’s public postsecondary institutions.
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Campus awards scholarships to about 140 students under DREAM Act

For one undocumented UC Berkeley junior, a scholarship has meant the opportunity to dream again. Born in Japan, the student — who asked to remain anonymous to protect her immigration status — had a less-than-perfect childhood. After her family moved to California about 20 years ago, her undocumented father was
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Volunteers gather signatures to repeal DREAM Act

Individuals working to overturn the California DREAM Act are scrambling to count thousands of petitions by midnight Thursday as the deadline to acquire the signatures necessary to put a repeal of the act on the state ballot fast approaches. Volunteers at Stop AB 131, a grassroots organization supporting a referendum
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Poll shows majority of Californians disapprove of DREAM Act

A new poll shows that a majority of California’s registered voters oppose the state’s DREAM Act despite significant political support for the bill, which was signed into law in October. Fifty-five percent of the state’s voters oppose the act, compared to the 40 percent of voters who support it, according
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