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The beautiful game

While the NBA seems to value parity and league-wide equality more than other professional sports leagues, every so often the best players in the game team up, forming powerful “super teams.” If you look back at such teams — the Bulls of the ‘90s and the Showtime Lakers of the
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NBA top 25: 10-8

Welcome to the top 10. Things are really getting exciting now as we reach the players you’ll tell your grandkids about and the ones your grandparents won’t stop telling you about. This set has 10 combined NBA championships and we’ve got players dubbed “the Dream” and “Legend” in this set,
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How Steph became a villain

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when Steph Curry’s propensity for pre-emptive three-point celebrations went from something that made me chuckle to something that made my skin crawl with anger. Maybe it was when he led his team with 27 points as they decimated my beloved Bulls in late November.
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