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Episode #8: Z Against Racist D

The apps can be fun and sexy, but being on the receiving end of an unsolicited, probably racist Tinder message about being the second half of a vanilla-chocolate swirl? Not so much. Chris and Josh chat with third-year UC Berkeley student and ASUC presidential candidate Zaynab AbdulQadir-Morris to hear her
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Like ‘The Notebook,’ but without the love story part

It was cool at the time

I’ve never been in anything close to a relationship. I’ve never gotten to change my Facebook relationship status. I never had a guaranteed date to a school dance. There was never any “bae<3<3<3” in my phone contacts. It’s not that I was never given the opportunity. I could get just
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25 ways to work off all those Valentine’s Day sweets

If you feel a little bloated after eating all the delicious candy that your Valentine oh-so-thoughtfully and graciously presented you with, check out our super helpful and necessary tips for working off all that excess high-fructose corn starch. Cold exposure boosts metabolic rate (just going outside for five minutes could
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