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Can Tinder get you a free meal at Crossroads?

What if you can score a cute date on Tinder and get a free meal in the process? It’s that kind of question that started a blog on Tumblr called Swipes for Swipes. According to the Washington Post, “if you have extra meal swipes in AU’s dining halls, add the
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If campus buildings had Tinder accounts

Between hosting classes and maintaining their importance on campus, it must be hard for campus buildings to find love. Introducing Tinder — the ticket from cold, lonely nights to finding the perfect Right Swipe. Here at The Clog, we decided to design Tinder profiles for several campus buildings to help
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day the single way

For everyone in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate. But why can’t it be the same way for single people? Don’t feel bitter about not having a significant other — celebrate that you don’t have a ball and chain weighing you down! Watch the season 2 premiere
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Get fired up about Tinder in Berkeley

Do you have one? Are you embarrassed to tell other people that you have one? (Same.) In case you missed it, Tinder is a “dating” app on Android and iOS that involves swiping through photos of people in your area and “Liking” or “Nope”-ing them anonymously. If two people “Like”
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