Long-time Bay Area mental health organization confronts stigma of hoarding, calls for advocacy at UC Berkeley conference

Sharon Pan/Staff

For most people, interaction with individuals that exhibit hoarding behaviors has been limited to the extreme cases shown on documentary television series such as TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive” or A&E’s “Hoarders.” “Dr. Phil” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” series that are enjoyed for their melodrama, have also featured similar cases
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How to make your own fall staycation

The idea of a fall break is bewildering to us UC Berkeley students. What is rest? What is relaxation? What is fun? Swimming through a sea of papers, midterms and homework, we’re drowning in academia. With almost 10 weeks of school done without a break, the upcoming three-day weekend is a
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Warmed up for a winter tour: A Q&A with Sweater Beats

When Antonio Cuna — who performs under the name Sweater Beats — emerged onto the electronic music scene, Cuna brought with him a bevy of influences from a diverse background. Cuna was born in the Philippines and later moved to the suburbs of Maryland, where he grew up listening to
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Tunesday: Genre-bending Covers

There are covers, and then there are genre-bending covers, in which artists take a piece of popular culture and reimagine it into a completely different style (whether that style is their own or a totally separate one). These covers can often be as compelling or interesting as the originals and
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