Q&A with NFL Network’s Mike Silver

The Daily Californian talked to former Daily Cal sports editor Mike Silver who now works for NFL Network and previously worked for Sports Illustrated. We discussed the Super Bowl, his time at UC Berkeley and the Cal football team. Silver is hosting a Super Bowl Kick-Off party and football panel
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Alaina Getzenburg_online

‘Back to Football’

It’s the best time of year. No, it’s the greatest time of year. The fields are in perfect condition, and every single team gets to come into a game with hope and the view that anything is possible. The corniness aside, this really is all true. And this is also
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Love affair with the Patriots

Throughout the semester, it isn’t uncommon to see me looking as if I’m about to combust, staring at my phone, constantly refreshing, waiting for a score to come in. But Feb. 1, 2015, wasn’t just any old day in the semester. This was Super Bowl day, and I was checking
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