The islands of privilege


Everything smells of coconut. The fresh towels they give us on the boat, the air I breathe in as I step onto the island, and the ice cream we are greeted with at reception. I close my eyes and smile. This trip was the result of a unanimous family decision
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Adventuring aimlessly in Chicago

I find myself in the trees zooming by. I find myself in the skyline rising in the distance and the cars oscillating back and forth, and I find myself in each highway sign post marking the exits to unfamiliar towns. On planes, I spend entire flights memorizing the architecture of
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Detour: Tourbinism

Recently I was scanning through an Old World geography book, a lap-sized cardboard thing published for children in the early 1990s. The world was split not into continents or nations but mid-sized regions, apparently dependent on the richness of their tourist iconography. Each giant illustrated map was a combination of
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