David Torrence, Olympic runner, found dead at 31

David Torrence, an Olympic runner who ran for Cal from 2004 to 2008, was found dead in a swimming pool at his condo in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Monday. He was 31. Remembered for his fervor and passion for the sport, Torrence leaves behind a legacy as notable for his tangible
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Olympians: They’re just like us

Approximately every 1,460 days we have the privilege, nay the honor, to witness superhumans perform on a global stage. In an astonishing feat of athleticism that is quite literally the best in the world, demigods from every corner of the planet come together to show us mere mortals just how superior they are. To us serfs, the Olympics are a great source of entertainment and national pride. But beyond that, the Games often beckon the question “why can’t we do that?” Well rest assured, spectators. We at the Clog are here to assure you that you, in fact, can never achieve what those superheroes are pulling off this August.
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Emma Lantos

Brutus Hamilton: an athlete and a gentleman

Brutus Hamilton was not Cal’s winningest coach, highest paid coach or even Cal’s manliest coach (that last award would clearly go to Jack Clark), but there’s a good reason that this past weekend Cal hosted a Brutus Hamilton Invitational Meet at Edwards Stadium. So let’s take a trip down memory
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Maier, Reilly take lead for Bears in weekend races

The Cal track and field team had a weekend of record-breaking performances in a variety of events. The Don Kirby Invitational held Friday in Albuquerque, N.M., as a one-day event featured mostly jumping and sprint events while the Flotrack Husky Indoor Classic lasted Friday and Saturday in Seattle and saw
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