Power ranking: Trader Joe’s frozen foods

Every college student has that one grocery store that they go to every weekend to stock up on junk — we mean necessary and healthy — foods for the upcoming week. At UC Berkeley, that one grocery store is Trader Joe’s. Whether one goes to the store on University Avenue
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Molasses cookies

 As a kid, my favorite cookies were the Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Molasses Cookies. While it may no longer be fall (a season filled with spices) or winter (a season filled with gingerbread), I thought it would be fun to revisit my childhood and take a crack at making my favorite
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Fruit Loop wanted

Love Letter to Nobody in Particular

Dear Cupid, You seemed to have missed me this past Tuesday. It would appear that Feb. 14 has come and gone without your arrow leading me to the love of my life. It’s possible that my many eager suitors overwhelmed you when they were begging you to stick it in
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Refugees serve up coffee in new Berkeley café

Ordering coffee along Berkeley’s campus is an everyday act for thousands. Though this upscale coffee shop at 2410 Channing Way, which opened Sunday, has a familiar menu and seating, its eight baristas from seven different countries set it apart.
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Fruits and vegetables to buy this season

Contrary to popular belief, the average college student diet shouldn’t rely solely on frozen foods and booze. When you’ve decided it’s time to evolve from the nightly ramen splurges and drinking binges, step into the market and try buying these fruits and vegetables to expand your dietary horizons. This list
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french toast

Pumpkin spice French toast

Craving a delicious fall-inspired breakfast? Try out this easy recipe for pumpkin spice French toast! Nowadays you can find pumpkin spice-flavored everything, so why not try it in French toast form? Let your inner basic-ness shine through by making this yummy breakfast on a chilly fall day. Enjoy! What you’ll need:
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A love letter to Trader Joe’s

Everyone has their happy place. For us at the Clog, it’s the hallowed halls of Trader Joe’s, and we think it’s high time we properly confess our one true love for the only grocery store in our life.
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pumjpkin mix

Fall food finds at Trader Joe’s

The leaves are falling and shops are stockpiling their shelves with candles titled “Autumn Cinnamon Strudel.” All of these are clear signs that fall is upon us. Time to break out your coziest flannel and hop in line for those pumpkin spice lattes. But if you’re looking for those extra
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How to buy groceries like a real adult

Contrary to popular belief, a college student’s food pyramid shouldn’t consist only of instant ramen, coffee, dining hall food and booze. For those of you who just moved into your first apartment, it’s probably the first time you’ve had to prepare a meal for yourself and (gasp) buy your own groceries.
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