Express bus ride

Theoretical Titillation

I felt as though I was embarking a journey with complete strangers, like we shared something in common that was often overlooked in our rushed daily lives, which we conduct by creating walls of difference rather than bridges of community. For a moment, the anxiety of interacting with strangers was gone.
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The hunt for Berkeley’s best mac and cheese

Whoever decided to put delicious carbs and cheesy goodness together in one magical dish is truly a genius. Ever since its invention, mac ‘n’ cheese has basically been rumored to be the eighth wonder of the world. And for those with inadequate funds or time for a nice dinner out
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A survey of Berkeley’s major grocery stores

Paying an extra dollar for an essential good does not seem like much. But this can add up to a big portion of your budget in the long run. To help Cal students decide where to shop, the Clog surveyed major grocery stores in Berkeley and compiled a list of their prices for
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How to make hummus on the cheap

We have a love affair with hummus. We eat it on pita bread, pita chips and salad. We pair it with falafel and shawarma. We eat it at any time of the day. But when you spend that much quality time with hummus, it can burn a hole in your
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Getting baked in the Bay

Going to the grocery store is a mundane process. I head out to Berkeley Bowl or Trader Joe’s, I wend my way through the aisles and I get the things I usually get. Ho hum.
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Cookie Butter is the new Nutella

So I’ve got a new obsession. It’s called cookie butter. Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself, how could a cookie possibly be transformed into a decadent jar of spreadable goodness? To be honest, I don’t know how Trader Joe’s, the manufacturers and (stop me if I’m going to
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5 signs you’ve been ‘Trader Joe’d’

It’s that time of the week. The cupboards are bare, your stomach is rumbling and your credit card yearns for the tender touch of a pricy purchase. Yep, you guessed it: It’s time to go grocery shopping. And where do Berkeley students love to grocery shop more than at our
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How to make a (collegiate) sangria

Sangria is a great drink for summer because it rivals good beer and pairs well with any dinner. It’s delicious and very hard to mess up. One bottle of wine can make enough for 8 to 12 servings, depending on the sweetness desired. Also, you can make really good Sangria
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