From Cal to SoCal

Upon returning home to Los Angeles, it can be easy to get used to the laid-back, slow-paced life which is the antithesis to our time spent at UC Berkeley. And we in Southern California will continue this lazy existence shamelessly till the end of the summer. Maybe it really is the laid-back SoCal vibe or maybe we’re just burnt out and have lost all willpower to do anything even remotely productive. While we all in SoCal may have readjusted without falling victim to jet lag or facing the return of any allergy, Northern California natives might expect a culture shock. A lot of the most popular expectations of SoCal certainly are true, but some are complete myths.
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Questions about the Super Bowl

In case you haven’t heard by now, and you might not have, the Super Bowl is coming to San Francisco. With San Francisco playing host city to a football game that’s actually being played in Santa Clara — a city about an hour drive away with no traffic — the
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Nicole White_online

Soaked in oblivion

Off the Beat

You sit in a car. The oncoming traffic rushes by as you move in a pack on your side of the highway. You’re advancing in unison, but sectioned off. All the people you are surrounded by, you will never know. All the people you pass, you will never know. Individual
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Humor: An Open Letter to the Pedestrians on Campus

All I ask is that you trust me. Because the thing is, I am very good at this. I am an artist, a genius. I can calculate the trajectories of bent-necked chemistry students with their noses touching their phone screens, of rubber-necked French tour groups, of stiff-necked moped drivers buzzing
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Berkeley time’s time is up

Berkeley time appears to be a much-loved facet of campus culture. It is a saving grace that makes timekeeping and attendance somewhat casual, providing leeway for crossing the prodigious size of our campus, and the often-tight scheduling of classrooms. Berkeley time is treated as a civilized luxury, insulating students and
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Kevin Lacanlale

UC Berkeley freshman Kevin Lacanlale dies at 19

UC Berkeley student Kevin Lacanlale died early Thursday morning in a traffic collision on Highway 13 in Oakland. He was 19. He died at 4:46 a.m. Thursday morning after another vehicle crashed into his 1996 Toyota Camry, according to California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Vigil. Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s
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