Passages to India and roadblocks on the way

Stories from The Book

Growing up, my parents, who had raised their children in a country far from where they were born and raised, always emphasized the importance of staying connected with our roots and learning about our culture.
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Where not to play Pokemon Go

OK, we know Pokemon Go has been extremely popular among UC Berkeley students, really everyone. The game’s interactivity is simply amazing and a real game changer (no pun intended). The downsides to this game are that it can lead you into dangerous situations, and sometimes you can look a little
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Flying high, flying low

Now that it’s summer break, many of us will be traveling to cool places or returning home. If that’s the case you’ll probably be taking a flight to your destination. Anyone who’s flown on a plane before will be able to relate to these experiences.
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The traveler’s paradox: Traveling alone as a woman

There’s an air of romanticism inherent in the act of “adventure.” It’s Odysseus. Jules Verne. Jack Kerouac. Chris McCandless. Generations of men, admired adventure writers, have had us yearning for the open road. Yet there’s a reality of traveling alone as a woman that is often inferred and rarely recorded.
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