How to make your own fall staycation

The idea of a fall break is bewildering to us UC Berkeley students. What is rest? What is relaxation? What is fun? Swimming through a sea of papers, midterms and homework, we’re drowning in academia. With almost 10 weeks of school done without a break, the upcoming three-day weekend is a
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All of summer in five days

In T-minus six days, we’re going to be packing up our backpacks and walking up those infamous Berkeley hills to make it to lecture by ten after. For those of us who have been traveling or Netflix-surfing all summer, we’re somewhat (barely) ready and willing to go back to school —
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Maggie Soun/File

How to find the good in a bad day

Now that we’re a few weeks into the fall semester, school and life are starting to pick up the pace. It’s no walk in the park trying to keep up! We’re getting more midterms, less sleep, too much stress and not enough fun. We can’t really complain about going to
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5 ways to treat yourself after finals

Yes, finals are approaching. Yes, those pesky final papers and projects are almost due. Yes, this is the craziest time of the semester. Instead of dreading those end-of-semester assignments so much, however, tackle those bad boys and finish up your school responsibilities with the intent of treating yourself amazingly afterward. Having
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