A tale of two Berkeleys

This column has to be prefaced with a small disclosure. I know the byline up there says that my name is Sakura Cannestra, but Sakura is my middle name, not my first name. My first and legal name is Berkeley, Berkeley Sakura Cannestra. When people are asking why I was
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End of the semester bucketlist

As the semester is drawing to a close, the bucket list you made months ago when a 4.0 still seemed possible and a new workout regime seemed easy is still collecting dust next to forgotten bids and dreams underneath your bed. So, we at the Clog decided to come up with a
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(Randy Adam Romero/Staff)

Stanford insults to serve up at Big Game

Everyone loves a classic rivalry. Batman vs. Superman. Coke vs. Pepsi. And, the holy grail of them all, Cal vs. Stanford. The snobs of Stanfurd may think that switching out the “o” for the “u” in their school’s name is a juvenile move, but as a “junior” university, the real
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Earth Day date ideas

Although not usually considered a romantic holiday, Earth Day is a great opportunity to show your sensitive and sustainable side to potential new S.O.’s. Here are a few tips to help win over any tree hugger this Earth Day.     Go to an Earth Day festival Seeing as we live in
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Michael Tao/Staff

The origins of Stanford’s “Tree” mascot

Complete with ogling blue eyes, scarlet fish lips and tentacle-like leaf appendages, today’s Stanford mascot looks like a constipated squid struggling with dinner (note the frenetic footwork of the Cardinal peeking from the its underparts). The Tree, crowned with a tacky lei of fake roses, has made most onlookers scratch
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