Clean eating is ruining my gut

Off the Beat

If you have an Instagram, you know that there are millions of photos out there that make you feel pretty guilty about what you eat. At least that happens to me. My search history has made the app aware of my tendency to look at photos that make me extremely
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Fashion startup fair set to shine Friday

There was a time when a career in fashion was synonymous with moving to Manhattan, a la “The Devil Wears Prada.” But for those fashionistas who are born-and-raised Californians — who can’t possibly imagine a bleak world without year-round sun and In-N-Out — there’s still hope. It’s 2014, and now,
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Men’s clothing trends that need to make a comeback

If you’re anything like us here at the Clog, you’re getting pretty sick of what men’s fashion trends have come to these days. Bro tanks, flip flops, Dropbox T-shirts, snapbacks … who decided this was OK?! Some people have made it pretty clear that they are equally unsatisfied with certain women’s fashion
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birks featured image

The Birks of Berkeley

These days on campus, it’s pretty difficult to go more than a few hours without seeing a pair of Birkenstocks wandering past you in all their arch-supporting, German glory. Male or female, old or young, in-state or out, it seems like everyone and their mother has their hands on a
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Fashion Fridays: Dressin’ for Self-Expression

From finals to internships, students have just about everything to worry about this time of year. With so many things on their minds, it may be tempting to dress down a bit. However, these fresh kids resisted the call of sweatpants and gym shorts, continuing to look towards their wardrobe
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