Make time fly while you do

Traveling is undoubtedly fun, but sitting for 10+ hours in a cramped seat in a plane is probably the least fun of it all. When I flew from Los Angeles to Sydney at the beginning of my study abroad journey, I had to endure a 15-hour direct flight that really
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What to finish now: a guide to a successful semester

It’s our favorite time of the year: coming back to UC Berkeley after a month of ultimate relaxation. It’s really such a joy to return to the rigor of school after doing absolutely nothing over winter break. But if you would like to alleviate some stress this semester, we at the
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When my sister was in seventh grade, she had two major obsessions (as most middle schoolers do): KPOP and Denmark. Both seem pretty random, and honestly, I understood the KPOP phenomena more than the Danish obsession. I quickly became familiar with Boyfriend and SHINee, but my knowledge of the Danish
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20 hours in Madrid

Twenty hours is not enough to marathon “Friends,” read the entire Harry Potter series or study for finals — and it’s definitely not long enough to spend in a foreign city. So when I did the math and realized that I had only 20 hours, including sleeping time, to spend in
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Taylor Follett/Staff

Winter Wonderland: Serene Lakes, CA

When it comes up that I have a cabin, I usually say it’s in Tahoe. Those familiar with the area will ask where in Tahoe, and I’ll backtrack slightly and explain that it’s more like Donner Summit, near Sugarbowl. Sometimes people will ask for even more details, and I’ll narrow
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sac 8

Take a stroll down memory lane in Sacramento

On a wonderful whim, my family and I took a little day trip to Sacramento. From my hometown of Stockton, CA, the drive was a mere 45 minutes, and it was well worth the journey. Living in a different part of the Central Valley for 11 years, I always romanticized
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Quiz: Where should you travel next?

We know that summer break for you hard-working Bears can mean summer classes, an internship, a job or maybe just going home and doing nothing. But if you need a break (or a break from a break), come take our quiz and find out where you should head to next.
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