Troye Sivan brings LGBTQ+ representation to The Masonic

Last Thursday, on the stage of The Masonic, Sivan seemed at home in the rainbow limelight. Running a hand through his shock of pale hair and shrugging off a loose, gray suit jacket to reveal skintight fitness wear, Sivan paused his set to say, “This is the gay one,” before performing “HEAVEN.”
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Fans go wild for Troye Sivan at Great American Music Hall

The small but spacious Great American Music Hall in San Francisco was packed with people on an otherwise quiet Sunday evening Oct. 18, and minutes before the main act was scheduled to come out, the fans all started chanting as one: “Troye! Troye! Troye!” Just as the chant began to
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Troye Sivan has sensual prowess on ‘Wild’

Contrary to its title, the second major label release from YouTube star and singer-songwriter Troye Sivan is far from WILD. Musically, it is the exact opposite. Rather than a gritty, cutthroat wilderness, this work is a short collection of masterfully crafted and carefully produced songs that resembles a sonic utopia.
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