Speaking truth to outrage

I had seen my grandfather do it years ago. My father did the same even more recently. I didn’t think I would ever engage in what always seemed to me a hands-off subject, but there I was, in a vehement argument about politics. It started as an uneventful high school
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Listen to the Dalai Lama: Everything is Interconnected

The 14th Dalai Lama spent much of his adult life trying to comprehend modern science, according to his book, “The Universe in a Single Atom.” Although science and mathematics were absent from the Tibetan monk’s schooling, the young Dalai Lama would quizzically take apart watches and put them back together,
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Lies UC Berkeley students tell their parents

Lie: “I’ve been studying all day.” Truth: I rolled out of bed feeling sort of gassy, decided to watch the webcast instead of actually going to class and then spilled coffee all over my textbook. I did, however, read a few blurry lines of text while sopping the mess up
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