Nicole Kim Mug

Oski the underdog

Berkeley Got Back

Overpopulation of students, lack of resources and the need for private donors are nothing new for UC Berkeley.
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Without state funding, UC left with no good options

The UC system is in a financial quandary. For years, the state’s per-student funding has fallen. That’s forced the university to pick its choice of three unique pills, each saddled with its share of negative side effects: slash the budget, raise tuition or find money elsewhere. The university has avoided
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What you could have bought with the $282 tuition hike

On Jan. 26, the UC Board of Regents approved a tuition hike of $282 for the 2017-18 academic year. The hike means in-state undergraduate students will be paying $336 more next year for their education. Unfortunately, this extra $282 means missing out on buying a few truly invaluable, actually intangible things
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