TV representation fakes investments in progress

I am afraid of the direction we are heading in when it comes to people of color being represented on TV. There’s a clear difference between having characters of color and investing in characters of color. To invest in people of color is to dedicate oneself to depicting our individual
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When your lectures are webcast as television shows

It’s about that time in the semester when midterms are in full steam. And besides copious amounts of stress and anxiety building up, the lack of time to eat and sleep have also resulted in extreme hunger and tiredness. Every fiber of your being is telling you to hit the
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If TV geniuses were UC Berkeley professors

It’s not a surprise that walking around campus, we’re surrounded by a sea of intellectuals. The brilliance of our campus professors is evident in the designated Nobel laureate parking spaces and casually mentioned awards and grants. As students, we attend lectures with a mix of inspiration from our professors’ passionate
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Emmy nomination for ‘Maron’ is well-deserved

There’s so much good television that it’s impossible to keep up, and as the Primetime Emmy nominations announcement approaches — set for July 14 — nominee speculation is all the rage. The comedy category was a particularly heavy hitter this past season. Emmy love of recent years has gone to
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the office

‘The Office’ characters as campus buildings

If you ever find yourself procrastinating to the point where you’re reading this article, then you’re in for a good time. For those lovers of “The Office” out there, we at the Clog decided to compare campus buildings to characters on the show. Happy comparing! Creed Bratton as East Asian
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New shows to get you through spring break

In a wasteland of midterms and papers — and let’s be honest, tears — it can be comforting to watch the same shows over and over again. Maybe you already know all the words to every episode of “Friends” or “The Office,” but isn’t it time to start fresh with a new show?
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How to binge-watch effectively

With school already in session and syllabus season in full swing, you’ve probably been busy getting your class schedules together and no longer have time to dedicate to Netflix marathon sessions. It might have been your goal to finish that last season of “Friends” before winter break, but there simply aren’t
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