Netflix and chill?

Not sure how to procrastinate for your finals? At a loss for what movie you should watch during your next Netflix and chill session? Dreading the long, boring days of winter break after all of your at-home friends on the quarter system have gone back to school? Experiencing post-TV show sadness? We
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4 shows you shouldn’t binge watch this summer

We at the Clog love lots of things about summer. We love sunshine, lemonade, cool popsicle recipes and finally exploring the city, and we also like wearing comfy old T-shirts, planting ourselves on the couch and watching 15 straight hours of television. Binge watching is one of the great joys
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Food and TV show pairings

So much to do and so little time. You might be thinking we are talking about studying for finals, but you, my friend, are quite wrong. We know that all you want to do right now (and all the time, really) is eat and watch TV, the greatest of all
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The guide to the ultimate mug cake

When settling into my too-worn-in sofa, wearing pajamas that are also a little too worn in, I always feel as though I’m forgetting something. Cheesy romantic comedy? Check. Glasses on and makeup off? Check. Then, I realize I forgot a snack: the most important prerequisite for a movie night. Rummaging
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5 great shows you should binge-watch over break

It’s been a few weeks since the fall semester ended, and in that time, many of you have probably been burning through all of the shows you’ve been putting off watching until now, or have watched all of the shows and movies that the numerous “Top 10 _______ of 2013”
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Summer TV … or a lack thereof

Have you ever noticed how all our favorite TV shows seem out to get us? They lure us in with the promise of entertainment, all the while anticipating and plotting our academic downfall. It’s the work of evil geniuses, we swear. Okay, so we sound like a ridiculous new type
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