A look back at San Francisco’s largest comedy festival

SF Sketchfest, San Francisco’s premiere comedy extravaganza, ended it’s 14th run on Feb. 8. But if you missed all the crazy, slapstick and just plain “out there” performances, you can read The Daily Californian’s highlights! Here are some of our favorite events from this year’s festival. “Groundhog Day” on Groundhog
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‘Divergent’ on the verge of defeat

The film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s best-selling novel “Divergent” has received an immense amount of media hype in recent months and will finally hit theaters March 21. Following in the wake of young adult series such as “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games,” “Divergent” caters to those who don’t mind seeing
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"Flights of Mind" by Vita Wells

Berkeley reads ‘well,’ says Amazon

Summer readers, lifelong bookworms, nerds and closet nerds have another reason to be happy in Berkeley. According to Amazon, Berkeley is among the top 20 “most well-read” cities in the country. Though rankings are determined by sales alone, we can experience Berkeley’s bibliophilia just by walking around. Our campus offers
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ALVH-060 - Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) makes an historic speech.

Lincoln brings fresh blood to cliche vampire films

At first sight, previews for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” spurred the only thought that could overshadow the blatant absurdity of its title: “Do we really need more vampire movies?” The answer to that question, of course, is no. Interestingly enough this film succeeds in not only separating itself from much of today’s vampire rage.
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‘The Hunger Games’ satisfies with faithful adaptation

On Thursday night, downtown Berkeley was flooded with teenagers. Lined around the block from the United Artists movie theater, these kids meant business. They had the long-wait-in-line blankets at the ready, they had provisions packed and of course, some sported fan-made shirts (“Team Peeta” vs. “Team Gale”). Save for the
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