Professors use Twitter to enhance class discussion

Move over, Justin Bieber. Twitter is not just a tool for following celebrities or sharing pictures anymore. The social media site that delivers short, 140-characters-or-fewer messages to the world is being used by UC Berkeley professors to initiate discussion in large lectures and continue dialogue outside the classroom about what
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TV Land: I believe in fandom

Lester Butterfill was in the bathroom for the second time that day. This was not uncommon, for Lester dearly loves the porcelain thrones of the restroom. Occasionally, he would sit on one to relax or to take a load off (in the figurative and literal sense). But this time was
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A little birdie told me …

Life in the Matrix

@DailyCalReaders: I wish I could keep this to just one sentence. #ThingsWomenWant. Last week I offered my downloadable service as a shaman for your digital adventures. Thank you for supporting @TonyJesus. Your free trial has 10 columns left. At the end, you will be asked to complete a customer satisfaction
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A sign denouncing the destructive activity hangs on a shattered Bank of America window in downtown Oakland.

Storify: Nov. 2 Occupy Oakland General Strike

Thousands of people from throughout the Bay Area have joined Occupy Oakland protesters in Downtown Oakland Wednesday in the nation’s first general strike since 1946. The Daily Californian will provide updates here and on Twitter View the story “Nov. 2 Occupy Oakland General Strike” on Storify] Stephanie Baer is the
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Social networking

NATIONAL ISSUES: A survey reveals that law schools are more likely to scan the Internet during admissions — applicants beware.

In applying to law school, the next person to peruse your Facebook profile may not be the attractive economics major in your public policy class. This social media inspector could very well be a law school admissions officer. Law schools are more likely to search for an applicant online than
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Sex on Tuesday

SEX ON TUESDAY: Love in the time of Facebook

Dating has always been exhausting and nerve-wracking. The thwarting feat has been recorded in literature for centuries and agonizing heartaches have been melodized in cathartic tunes and many sorrowful nocturnes. Unrequited love, the turmoils of lust and the basic foils of romance are eternally resonant. The difference is that in
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