13-05-02 Ten Random Facts About Chancellor-Elect Nicholas Dirks

10 random facts about Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks

With the end of Chancellor Birgeneau’s term in sight, Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks is undoubtedly preparing for his ascension to the top of the university. Having been appointed but a few months ago, you probably don’t know too much about him — but, of course, we’re here to dispel your ignorance.
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The Clog brings you Cal Day

If you’re overwhelmed by all the festivities taking place this Saturday (we’re talking strictly Cal Day festivities, of course), check out the Daily Clog’s official Twitter for live updates on where the best official and unofficial activities are being held throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for the best fraternities,
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Thursday app of the week: Jolidrive

Name: Jolidrive Platform(s): The Internet, iOS Price: Free Mission: Access all of your cloud storage and social media from one dashboard During last week’s App of the Week we mentioned that using the 25GB UC Berkeley won for each student on Dropbox or the 50 free GB students here get on
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Thursday app of the week: about.me

Name: about.me Platform(s): The Internet, iPhone Price: Free Mission: Make a one-stop personal (and professional) homepage In this new online age, paper resumes are slowly being replaced by the “personal website.” The personal website is usually a one-page site that contains a short biography, contact information, links to other sites
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Top 5 Berkeley-inspired humor websites

If you have a professor who doesn’t mind laptops open during lecture, we know you’ve been tempted to open that AirBears connected browser and click the boredom away. So if you’re going to take a bite of the forbidden Internet fruit, at least be more creative than just Facebook and
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A look back at UC Berkeley’s computer evolution

When Carlos Noreña entered UC Berkeley as a freshman in 1988, he, like so many university students,  “came armed with a large, boxy Apple Macintosh computer.” As students, the computer is our lifeline, our bread and butter, the indispensable utility belt to our Batman. But, for Noreña, the situation was
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Professors use Twitter to enhance class discussion

Move over, Justin Bieber. Twitter is not just a tool for following celebrities or sharing pictures anymore. The social media site that delivers short, 140-characters-or-fewer messages to the world is being used by UC Berkeley professors to initiate discussion in large lectures and continue dialogue outside the classroom about what
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