Surviving on Flex

Laid Bear


Whether it’s buying groceries or calling an Uber, there is an unconscious effort to convert the price into rupees. I anxiously perform these conversions, often expecting an exorbitant price. Often I notice a fellow international student, from somewhere in Asia, pausing and looking at the price of a box of cookies or a packet of chips, perhaps performing the same dreadful calculations in their head.
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ICE agents plan massive immigration sweeps in Bay Area cities

U.S. immigration officials are preparing to arrest over 1,500 undocumented individuals in San Francisco and other Northern California cities as a response to California becoming a sanctuary state last year, according to a tip The San Francisco Chronicle received from an anonymous source Tuesday.
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BART Board approves Safe Transit policy

The Safe Transit policy prevents BART employees — including members of the BART Police Department — from asking about riders’ immigration statuses unless directed by state laws, federal regulations or court orders.
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CA State Senate passes bill restricting funding for jails

The California State Senate passed a bill penned by California State Sen. Nancy Skinner, D- Berkeley, which would prioritize state funding allocated to the expansion of state and county prisons to those that are not leasing space to other parties, such as the federal government.
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