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Tips for successfully living off campus, not dying

Living off campus can be exciting and really one of the first stages of actually “adulting.” Far and away are the days of apathetic security monitors, the aptly named Late Nights at Crossroads and jeans lost in the laundry. You’re sort of on your own now, and we at the Clog
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Why UberEATS is the best thing to happen to us

If you’ve been in the East Bay this summer you may have been informed by a friend or two about UberEATS’ new promotion in which you can get a $20 discount on your first order using a friend’s promotion code, although now they’ve changed the promotion to a $10 discount. Like us, you were probably skeptical and conducted a comprehensive Google search to find out what the catch was. Turns out this deal is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and it’s basically the best thing to ever happen to UC Berkeley students in the history of free food promotions. Here are some reasons why:
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Best food delivery services

We’ve all been there — sitting hungry at home, too tired to cook or go out and buy a meal. Luckily, here in the Bay Area, we have plenty options to remedy that. Gone are the days where your only choice was to get pizza delivered to your door. One of the fastest growing segments of the sharing economy is food delivery, with many startups starting right here in Berkeley. But with so many options, which should you choose and still get a fast, cheap and, at times, free meal? Luckily, we have you covered.
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CalSuhhhhh: Overheard conversations

It all started on a Thursday afternoon when a super-tan, Izod polo-wearing, lime green Hydroflask-sporting gentleman with a CalSO nametag around his neck found an open spot among the zoo on Memorial Glade. He opened a bag of chips and tapped the person next to him, who was wearing the
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Think, don’t drink and drive

Alice was obviously inebriated. She skipped and twirled out of the venue all the way to the car, along the way stroking the toupee of a senior citizen, yelling at a group of tweens for talking too loudly about last week’s “Game of Thrones” episode (which she tragically had not
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The trains that could

Look Back At It

To receive a driver’s license in the state of California, applicants must be at least 16 years of age with parental permission, or else wait until they are 18 years old. They must provide a car for the drivers test. Nothing else is required. I didn’t get my license until
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Segways around UC Berkeley’s campus

Segways have gradually become a popular trend on our campus, replacing the $30 light-up Razor scooters from Target. Segways have the ability to cut class-to-class navigation time down to less than half and give a smoother ride than any scooter — no wonder they are a big hit. Especially among
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Daily Cal

When is it acceptable to take an Uber to class?

Disclaimer: This is not endorsed by Uber. The sun rages as an uncomfortable dampness spreads across your back. You’re patiently waiting for the 51B to take you to campus, but once again, you’re disappointed by the frequent delays of AC Transit. Do you risk being late to class yet again or
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