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The trains that could

Look Back At It

To receive a driver’s license in the state of California, applicants must be at least 16 years of age with parental permission, or else wait until they are 18 years old. They must provide a car for the drivers test. Nothing else is required. I didn’t get my license until
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Segways around UC Berkeley’s campus

Segways have gradually become a popular trend on our campus, replacing the $30 light-up Razor scooters from Target. Segways have the ability to cut class-to-class navigation time down to less than half and give a smoother ride than any scooter — no wonder they are a big hit. Especially among
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Daily Cal

When is it acceptable to take an Uber to class?

Disclaimer: This is not endorsed by Uber. The sun rages as an uncomfortable dampness spreads across your back. You’re patiently waiting for the 51B to take you to campus, but once again, you’re disappointed by the frequent delays of AC Transit. Do you risk being late to class yet again or
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How to find Uber buddies

As the last weekend of move-out draws closer and closer, we know what’s really on your mind — not the final for that class you haven’t been to in three months, and certainly not saying goodbye to all the new friends you made this year. Nope, the only issue that’s
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Lend me your ear (pieces)

Millenial Meltdown

The truth is, I get emails like this every day: emails, texts, telegrams, handwritten letters and untrackable Venmo payments with pleas for life advice in the description.
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Mohsen Zabardast has been an Uber driver for one and a half months.

Best and worst Uber experiences

The ridesharing service Uber has a convenient smartphone application system and low fares and has become extremely popular around the world, and the Bay Area is no exception. We at the Clog were interested in getting some stories from the drivers themselves, so we asked a few Uber drivers to tell
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