Tech is both our scapegoat and savior

Two steps forward

The shining city across the bay is known for its amazing technological feats — brilliant men and women in very tall buildings cranking out apps and gadgets to make our lives more futuristic. As Silicon Valley’s satellite campus, San Francisco has become synonymous with startups and tech culture. And it’s
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Ridesharing as performance art

Great art transports you from where you are to somewhere you’ve never been before. It changes your point of view. I stood out on the corner beside my apartment, and I waited for my experience to arrive. I had heard from friends what to expect, but everyone told me that
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Off the beat: Considering the tech revolution

The Daily Californian recently published an article criticizing the tech community in Berkeley and at large. It was conceived from the attacks against the buses of Google and Facebook, which are believed to build a gentrified community. It is difficult to talk about such issues because they are steeped in
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