From fertile farmland to gleaming glass: How generations of architects built UC Berkeley

Photograph, taken in 1898 by O.V. Lange from the Berkeley Hills, of the early buildings of UC Berkeley's campus
O.V. Lange/Daily Cal Archive/File
This photograph from the Daily Cal archives was taken by O.V. Lange from the Berkeley Hills in 1898. On the left in the open space is the still-standing South Hall, while the since-lost North Hall is visible to its right, with Bacon Hall sitting nestled in the trees closer to the hills. In the distance, the Golden Gate is visible, along with the San Francisco peninsula and Alcatraz Island.

To stroll through UC Berkeley’s campus is to travel through time, whether looking out from the top of the Campanile or down from the hills above.
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We spy: human wired sculptures around campus

Lately, the Clog’s spotted these two funky sculptures all over campus. The two buddies in the photo can be found hanging out by the UC Berkeley School of Law. Since we don’t know who the artist is or what he or she intended to convey with these pieces, the Clog
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Sex on campus: actually doable?

“Aw, man, you gotta fuck in Main Stacks for sure.” “Classrooms in Le Conte give you so much to work with.” “Eucalyptus Grove is a must.” Sex on campus. It’s the ultimate bucket list for adventurous and horny souls. Not only does it make for an awesome college story for
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