A preface

Reading Life Closely

I was 17, sitting in the back seat of my mom’s Prius and watching the setting sun smear its light onto the bay when I thought of my first good metaphor. It only took about 13 years of voracious reading and the perfect alignment of sun, ocean and observer for
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"Fallen."  Caz Azevedo. Ceramics, intaglio prints, wood, wire, denim, cotton fabric, wheat paste, natural pigments, oil and acrylic.

‘Made at Berkeley’ showcases student arts, design projects on campus

Run by the Berkeley Arts + Design Initiative, “Made at Berkeley” is a campuswide showcase of student works, including visual art, dance, theatre, music, film, environmental design and more. The showcase brings together numerous departments that are individually presenting student projects, often senior theses, under a single banner. The Daily
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