10 reasons to go on a date with yourself

What is your answer when someone asks, “Who do you love?” Perhaps it’s your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, Netflix or maybe even your couch. But when do you say, “Myself?” With your college life so busy between rushing to classes, office hours, work, clubs and everything else, we often forget that we also need
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How to successfully yak at UC Berkeley

We the Clog are nothing if not at least somewhat funny and relatable. Just like Yik Yak, we strive to achieve reader engagement through these two qualities, but with on-point grammar and structured syntax, of course. As patrons of witty humor with well-developed knowledge on understanding people, we might just
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How midterm stress affects our appearance

Midterm season is here and apparently, it is here to stay. The perpetual stress, the unending studying, the overly-high expectations from professors. All of this has inevitably rubbed off on our sanity, mental clarity, personality and appearance. For many of us, our wardrobe consists solely of UC Berkeley sweats and
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5 reasons why Berkeley is the best college town

Your four years as a university student involve more than an education; after all, what matters perhaps most of all is feeling comfortable in the atmosphere of your school. So here are a few reasons why we think any prospective student would be more than happy to call Berkeley their home away from home.
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How to not look like a freshman in 5 easy steps

First of all, welcome to UC Berkeley! It is very exciting and nerve-wracking to be starting college. Here are some tips to avoid looking quite so much like a freshman. Do not, however convenient, wear the lanyard. Yes, the lanyard might be the most convenient, handy, useful invention out there.
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