Calstrology: Building edition

Ever wondered what your UC Berkeley spirit building is? Find your birthday below and see which campus building you should look toward for guidance in the next few weeks. March 21 – April 20: Dwinelle Hall You are a mess. You are disorganized and chaotic. Take some time to make a
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UC Berkeley Cal Day Issue: Editor’s Note

You’re standing on the threshold of history. UC Berkeley has a magnificent past, a thriving present and an inspiring future, and you are here to have a taste of what your future has in store for you. Welcome! From the famous Free Speech Movement in 1964 to research in 2015
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How to host a prospective Golden Bear

Meet Kimberly and Kanye. Both are high school seniors who have been accepted to UC Berkeley but are still undecided on attending. Before they submit their statements of intent to register, they decide to visit UC Berkeley for an overnight stay. Kimberly and Kanye spend a night with their respective hosts
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13 haikus for National Haiku Day

Happy National Haiku Day! Yes, the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: the day we get to use the oh-so-simple three lines and 17 syllables to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. We at the Clog thought we’d share our own haikus about the life and times of UC Berkeley
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Recipe for a night to remember: Salade nicoise

Did you invite your friends over for dinner, but haven’t actually thought of the main course yet? Or you told your date you would be cooking dinner at your place, but don’t really know how to cook? Then this is the recipe for you. Salade nicoise is a complete meal on
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