Chancellor’s Corner: Lead your generation with a vote


If you are concerned about the future of the compact, you need to be politically engaged. Begin by exercising your right to vote. Remember, too, that students constitute a powerful group in any polity — and they did so even when they (we) didn’t have the right to vote. We need to hear your voice in the choices our state makes about our present and future — it is, after all, your future.
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Maher’s invitation shows disregard for students

This is not a matter of free speech — Maher can iterate his beliefs on campus at a debate or club event. This is about granting Bill Maher the honor of being our commencement speaker when he clearly spreads ignorance and intolerance affecting the very people he would be addressing. When the exercise of free speech invokes hatred, we must stand up against that hatred.
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Campus ghost stories to spook up your Halloween

When a school has been around as long as UC Berkeley has, there are bound to be rumors and urban legends surrounding certain locations on campus. Now that Halloween is upon us, it seems only right for the Daily Clog to unearth some of the creepiest stories that have supposedly taken place
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Confessions of a sugar baby

Sex on Tuesday

Sugar babies everywhere were boasting lavish vacations, a life free of debt, Fendi bags — even chinchilla fur! Needless to say, I let my fear of missing out get the better of me and signed my ass up.
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Students should be the stars

CAMPUS ISSUES: The quality of graduation commencement speeches should not be compromised for the presence of a noted figure.

Our pool of alumni is expansive and brilliant, and to not tap into our campus resource is a disservice to graduates looking to build their own legacy after leaving UC Berkeley.
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Laboring against a stigma

CAMPUS ISSUES: Faculty and student population must take it upon themselves to fight discrimination against pregnant students on campus.

Not everyone on our campus took the same path to get here; we need to be accommodating of different student lifestyles, from student-parents and pregnant students to veterans and athletes.
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