UC Berkeley establishes grant program to address sexual violence

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Micah Carroll/Staff

The campus PATH to Care Center, in a partnership with the Violence Prevention Collaborative, will be awarding 10 grants of up to $2,500 to teams of four to 12 people to create campaigns addressing social norms on sexual violence. Projects will address an “intact community,” which could include members of a sports team, participants in Greek life or, in broader terms, groups such as the queer community or a cultural group, according to Elizabeth Wilmerding, a prevention intern at PATH.
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Students gather to hear faculty speak out at ‘Trump Teach-In’

While the Berkeley College Republicans hung up a “Make America Great Again” banner and played clips of Donald Trump monologues from their tent on Sproul Plaza, faculty members and several students Tuesday afternoon prepared a microphone in front of the Savio Steps: The “Trump Teach-In” was about to begin.
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Justin Knight_Online

In defense of pop

Fake Out

I was originally going to write this column convincing you to like pop music. My opening line was going to be “Why is inaccessibility cool?” It was going to grab your attention. This piece was going to accuse you of listening to pop music wrong and intellectualizing it too much
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free and for sale

Things to sell on the Free and For Sale Facebook page

We’ve all scrolled through UC Berkeley’s “Free & For Sale” page on Facebook looking for interesting items that others have decided to move on from. Usually though, all you see are broken desk chairs, shoes that would have fit you in the fifth grade and overpriced iClickers. While these are disappointing
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Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, manager of knowledge

  Ten o’clock Monday morning at UC Berkeley. Outside, people are hustling in every direction, hundreds of people throughout the day: frazzled people, fast people, people peering at other people, people buried in their phones or in books or magazines, many people not looking at anything at all — and
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