To pass or not to pass? That is the question

For those that don’t know, the last day to change the grading option for classes is April 3. This gives UC Berkeley students approximately a month to decide on whether or not they should play their semesterly “get out of jail free card.” We at the Clog understand some people might
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How to actually avoid midterm sickness

Ah, March — the springtime sun just beginning to warm Memorial Glade, the blossoms beginning to bloom across campus and the booming sound of phlegm-filled coughs punctuating lecture approximately every three and a half minutes. It’s a lovely time of year, really. What’s more magical than the lovely marriage of
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A guide to college life, by Parks and Recreation

It’s the middle of the semester. Readings are piling up, desktop backgrounds are overflowing with files, midterms are coming at you one after another and to top it all off, the Parks and Recreation series finale was last Tuesday. Your spirits may be low, hope for the future may be lost,
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Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

Week in events: March 2 – March 7

March is finally upon us. We just have to finish up our midterms before spring break rolls around and after that, we get to start a whole new round! Don’t get too excited. But first, here are some events for this week. Monday, March 2 10 a.m., Cal Baseball vs.
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How to avoid the plague and/or common cold

Obviously, the first step to staying healthy is to not catch any of the nasty stuff floating around. But clearly, many of y’all are incompetent in that area, so we’ll move on to some other, more preventative tips. Get the flu shot. Even if you get infected by another strain
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