UC Berkeley 2015 General Commencement

Alvin Wu/Staff

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One word to describe UC Berkeley

If you could describe Berkeley in one word, what would it be? We at the Clog asked students this question. Here are the results!   Image created with WordItOut       Contact Sophia Bylsma at [email protected]

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Food and TV show pairings

So much to do and so little time. You might be thinking we are talking about studying for finals, but you, my friend, are quite wrong. We know that all you want to do right now (and all the time, really) is eat and watch TV, the greatest of all
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New swing at Big C!

On a Wednesday night hike to the Big C, we spotted two graduating seniors, Kathleen Keh and Aayush Khurana, struggling with ropes where the old swing used to be. It was only on our way down, with a turkey gobbling in the distance, that we realized they were setting up a
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Students build the world

For the first time in my life, I don’t know what is coming next. When I first got to UC Berkeley, I felt lost and alone; on the brink of graduation, I feel the same way. But this time, it’s not scary.
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Bingo: dead week and finals week edition

Dead week is a confusing time. On one hand, it seems like we have all this free time — it could even be considered a week-long vacation! But on the other hand, we all know what we should be doing because of the fast-approaching week after — yes, studying. The end
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