Misdirected anger

Technocratic Tirade

I believe some apologies are in order. In my first column, I characterized my experience with the computer science department as positive “in spite of a faculty struggling unsustainably to accommodate explosive demand.” I stand by my statement — but the blame is misplaced. Two weeks ago, an email from
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Walking the walk at Berkeley High School

CITY AFFAIRS: After racist incident, Berkeley High School Students demonstrate impressive response, and now administration must also prove dedication to fighting racism

When public threats of terror against black students crop up on a school computer and permeate a community, any semblance of safety in an already racially tense environment is shattered. Taking steps toward healing — the first of which ought to be expelling the student responsible — must be done
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cc challenge

UC Cool Campus Initiative

Environmental leaders on campus explain the UC Cool Campus Challenge in the fight to become carbon neutral by 2025. Contact Audrey Tsai at [email protected]

Banking on corporations to fund UC Berkeley’s future

CAMPUS ISSUES: When the University Partnership program made a deal with Bank of the West, they sought to make a profit by turning student space corporate

With the ongoing specter of budgetary crisis, the University of California must take innovative yet extreme measures, such as UC Berkeley’s recent deal to make Bank of the West its “official bank.” While we recognize the necessity of private partnerships to raise money that continues to fund projects on campus
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