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Gregory Arena/Senior Staff

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In defense of the Chancellor’s fence

CAMPUS ISSUES: Chancellor entitled to security for home on campus

Despite recent backlash from students and faculty against the decision to erect a fence around University House, the chancellor’s home on campus, the chancellor and his family have the right to take action to guarantee their safety. UCPD, which is in charge of responding to threats against the security of
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UC Berkeley pilots data science class

The new four-unit course, “Foundations of Data Science” — cross-listed as Statistics 94 and Computer Science 94 — combines introductory statistics and computational concepts with hands-on work involving hard data that brings “real-world relevance,” according to the program’s website.
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Campus computer science program does not compute

CAMPUS ISSUES: Culture at UC Berkeley promotes computer science without providing adequate resources

When the culture at UC Berkeley simultaneously stresses the importance of a computer science education and heightens GPA requirements for the major, barriers to entry become increasingly difficult to overcome. More and more students entering UC Berkeley feel pressured to learn basic computer science skills to meet the needs of
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Local firefighters conduct training exercises in Berkeley hills

Firefighters from several surrounding cities gathered in the Berkeley hills to participate in an annual live training demonstration. Filmed and edited by Matt Campbell Matt Campbell is the multimedia editor. Contact him at [email protected]