Constant gun violence necessitates call to action

NATIONAL ISSUES: Students must be part of the conversation around preventing gun violence that affects their own lives and the lives of those around them

We think we speak for most Americans when we say we’re sickened, we’re frustrated, we’re angry and we’re a little bit scared. And the worst part is how many times we’ve said this before. Nothing that happened Thursday in Roseburg, Oregon, is new. It has all happened before — in
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UC Berkeley physics Professor Emeritus Eugene Commins dies at 83

UC Berkeley physics Professor Emeritus Eugene Commins, known for his dedication to cultivating the next generation of physicists, died because of a brief illness Sept. 26. He was 83. During his career at UC Berkeley, Commins made remarkable strides in the field of atomic physics, according to his colleagues. Most notably,
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Students, community members react to group living ordinance

More than 100 students attended a Berkeley City Council special work session Tuesday to protest an ordinance that would place additional regulations on mini-dorms and group living accommodations. Contact Lita Kittisrikangwan at [email protected]

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Sex on Tuesday

In the warm, cramped room, we lay naked together, talking. With the curtains blocking out the bright sunlight from outside, we shared ourselves, not concerned with time, the heat or anything else, for that matter. We had just finished up a round of fucking when he turned to me and
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Proposed cell phone ordinance unnecessary and uninformed

CITY AFFAIRS: Proposed City Council cell phone ordinance inconsistent with true values of progressivism

Berkeley City Council’s proposed “right to know” ordinance warning consumers about the levels of radiation exposure from cellphones — which got the green light from a federal judge this week after a legal challenge — is an unnecessary precaution supported by shoddy to nonexistent evidence. While similar campaigns focused on
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