Former Cal golfer’s death labeled ‘suspicious’

Former Cal women’s golfer Diane Kwon’s death has been labeled “suspicious,” according to the Fremont Police Department. A passerby found Kwon’s body lying near her car in a Fremont parking lot on Sept. 5 around 11 p.m., according to the department. The cause of death has yet to be determined,
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Guillermo Garcia is a graduate student researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Molecular Foundry.

Researchers develop energy-efficient window coating

UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers developed a coating material for windows that can control the amount of heat from the sun that enters a room, setting the groundwork to save energy in large commercial buildings and homes. The material — made of semiconductor nanocrystals — has the
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Interview with chancellor about 9/11

Birgeneau recounts 9/11, discusses day’s lasting effects

On Friday, reporter Victoria Pardini sat down with UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau to talk about where he was on 9/11 and how he sees the tragedy still affecting the world today. The Daily Californian: So where were you on 9/11? Robert Birgeneau: So, sort of for people of my generation, there
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9/11 panel explores post-disaster America

As part of an annual roundtable discussion covering public issues, UC Berkeley hosted a panel titled “9/11 Ten Years Later: How Did the Attack Change America?” Thursday evening to address shifts in economic, domestic and military affairs that occurred as a result of the tragedy.The Robert T. Matsui Center for
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Muslim group holds blood drive to dispel uninformed perceptions

UC Berkeley senior Osaama Saifi jokes, “Being named Osaama, I have a connection to 9/11.” But although Saifi takes the link lightly, he said he has been perceived differently as a Muslim in America since 9/11. Saifi is a youth leader for the San Francisco chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim
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Tony Zhou

Native American figure remembered at campus conference

A man known as the “last, wild Indian” who died in 1916 was remembered Wednesday for his contributions as the cultural ambassador and representative of the Native American population in California. The late Native American figure and educator Ishi was honored by UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, faculty members and
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Diane Kwon

Former UC Berkeley golfer dies of unknown causes

Diane Kwon, a former UC Berkeley women’s golf team member known for her bright personality on and off the course, died Tuesday at her Fremont home of unknown causes. She was 21 years old. Kwon competed with the Bears for two seasons from 2008 to 2009 — during which she
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Envisioning justice for students

For the most part, Cal students remain completely and blissfully detached from UC Berkeley’s conduct process and equally unaware of the many problems associated with its implementation. Yet for the fraction of students who find themselves accused of violating the code of conduct, the process immediately throws their college experience
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A dubious investment

A UC Berkeley initiative’s $500,000 plan to provide free Adobe software is questionable as to why it was devised.

Photoshop amateurs and creative designers alike may light up to hear that a UC Berkeley project is doling out $500,000 for students to have free Adobe software, but the news also generates questions, skepticism and confusion — why Adobe, why the expense and how will this serve as a sustainable
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Defining UC Berkeley’s future

The year 2011 marks unprecedented change. A “super committee” is at work in Washington, D.C., attempting to solve our nation’s debt crisis, leaving key programs like Pell Grants at stake. A budget crisis plagues Sacramento, forcing our tuition to skyrocket. Closer to home, the UC Berkeley campus is in the
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