UC professional schools seek to ease student financial burden

Due to a sudden increase in systemwide student fees, several professional schools at campuses throughout the University of California are seeking ways to help ease the financial burden and anxiety of their students. Last week, both UC Berkeley and UCLA’s law schools announced that they will offer scholarships to their
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Student protester begins formal trial proceedings

After nearly eight months of conferences and negotiations with district authorities, UC Berkeley student Eric-Michael Wilson, who faces misdemeanor charges for his involvement in protests during the November 2010 University of California Board of Regents meeting, began formal trial proceedings Friday. Wilson faces one count of assaulting an officer, two
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Chair Sherry Lansing and the UC Board of Regents considered plans to address the university’s deficit at Thursday’s meeting.

UC considers alternate strategies to handle budget reductions

SAN FRANCISCO — With the recently approved fee increases covering only a little more than a quarter of the budget deficit for the University of California, talk at the Thursday meeting of the UC Board of Regents focused on a wide range of alternatives for dealing with the remaining budget
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Regent Norman Pattiz explained his decision to vote in favor of the tuition increase at the meeting.

UC Board of Regents approves 9.6 percent fee hike

SAN FRANCISCO — Expressing disgust and sadness at placing an additional burden on students and families, the UC Board of Regents voted to approve a 9.6 percent fee increase at its meeting Thursday while at the same time calling for increased efforts by the UC community to demand that the
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The UC Board of Regents deferred most discussion of a proposed 9.6 percent fee hike to Thursday.

UC Regents defer discussion of fee hikes to Thursday’s meeting

Despite repeated expressions of concern regarding a proposed 9.6 percent fee hike throughout the Wednesday meeting of the UC Board of Regents,  the board deferred most discussion regarding the increase to Thursday, instead choosing to address upcoming challenges to maintaining the university’s excellence in the face of deep budget cuts.
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Enrollment data prompt debate over makeup of student body

SAN FRANCISCO—At a meeting of the UC Board of Regents Wednesday, admissions and enrollment data generated debate among board members who were divided over how the university will determine the makeup of its student body in years to come, while balancing a need to increase revenue, decrease excess costs and
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Initiative saves UC $157 million over past year

SAN FRANCISCO — Though student concern at the UC Board of Regents meeting Wednesday centered around ongoing increases in tuition and fees, administrative efficiency programs have saved the UC system over $157 million over the past year, according to results released at the meeting. The Working Smarter Initiative — launched
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Fee increase percentage debated by students

With the UC Board of Regents slated to vote on a controversial fee hike at their meeting Thursday, UC officials and students are citing different figures for the actual size of the increase. While UC officials and most media outlets have said tuition will rise 9.6 percent increase, student leaders
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UC Board of Regents July meeting preview

The UC Board of Regents will meet on Wednesday and Thursday for the remainder of their three-day meeting at UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus, where a wide range of issues spanning the diversity of the university’s student body to a controversial tuition increase spurred by the state’s increased cuts
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