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Little shop of odors: Trudy the corpse plant

Trudy the corpse flower just bloomed for the fourth time in the UC Botanical Gardens. We at the Clog visited her and listened to what her owner, Bill Weaver, had to say about her and other corpse plants. Trudy before she bloomed. Here are some of the fun facts we
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Picks of the week: Move to the music

Although summer is notorious for music festivals, going to a festival is definitely not the only way to enjoy some hot tunes under the summer sun. Whether you’re jamming with your headphones on or checking out some musical YouTubers (online or in person), our picks of the week will have
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Picks of the week: Berkeley’s backyard

During the school year, it’s easy to forget that there are so many great places to visit right in our campus’s backyard. If you’re in Berkeley for summer break, take the bus up to the UC Botanical Garden or the Lawrence Hall of Science, or catch a show at the
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Love 6

They fell in love at UC Berkeley

Every student entertains the fantasy of finding his or her soulmate in college. For two students who graduated from UC Berkeley in 2007, the prospect of love was a prevailing reality — in fact, the couple exchanged wedding vows this May. This week, the Clog spoke to Andrew Lee and
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The Clog’s guide to the most relaxing spots on campus

With midterm season slowly creeping in, its really easy to get burned out and overstressed. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to slow down and remember to actually breathe. With that goal in mind, we invite you try these relaxing places on campus when you’re feeling under the weather. Because punching
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Girton Hall (left) is located north of the Haas School of Business. Girton will be moved to the UC

Botanical Garden in January to be used as a venue for weddings, seminars and other events.

Campus’s Girton Hall to relocate to UC Botanical Gardens

Girton Hall, currently situated north of the Haas School of Business, will be relocated to the UC Botanical Garden in the beginning of January, where it will be used as a venue for weddings, social events, seminars and more. The hall currently houses a child-care facility, which will be replaced
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Lawrence Hall

5 free or cheap day trips to take in Berkeley

Last week, we gave you five fantastic trip ideas that you could take around the Bay Area. But you might have to devote an entire weekend to some of those trips, and they also can be a little pricey. We still recommend that you save some money to cross those off your college
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Stream Trail

Travel Tuesday: our sweet escape

Now that we’ve survived fourteen weeks with the same professors, the same books, the same roommates and the same parties, the Clog is sure of one thing: we are pretty tired of Berkeley. Don’t get us wrong, we still think Cal is the most exciting place to spend our college
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