Appreciate the art for what it is

Natural Discourse exhibit should be about art, not politics

Clearly some people have taken ‘offense’ over the use of some glass tubes in an art exhibit — SOL Grotto — which is now installed in the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley as part of a larger exhibit entitled Natural Discourse. I was saddened when some went so far as
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Hate of the art

CAMPUS ISSUES: Members of a Republican-led House committee are misleading in their criticism of an artwork at the campus botanical garden.

Like most thought-provoking art, the “SOL Grotto” installation at the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley intends to spark conversation. But conservative critics are conflating the issues behind the art in a shameless political ploy to influence voters. Because of the installation’s materials, the Republican-dominated House Energy and Commerce Committee dubbed
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Police officials increase vigilance

String of auto burglaries around the city spark concerns

Berkeley Police Department and UCPD officers reported they will be taking precautions and advised Berkeley residents to do the same following an increase in smash-and-grab auto burglaries in the last month in the city and the areas surrounding campus. Three auto burglaries were reported in the Witter Field parking lot
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Perfect study breaks during finals week

UC Botanical Garden A secluded paradise, the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley located on Centennial Drive is simply divine. With over 13,000 different kinds of plants, the garden guarantees a beautiful sight for sore eyes and tranquil silence if meditation is your thing (stressed college students, take note). For those
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Kick off the season with an outdoor concert

As the sunlight lingers and the temperature steadily rises, there is no better way to spend summer  than being immersed in the lush sounds of some of your favorite artists. Your options are aplenty, as some of the Bay Area’s most gorgeous venues are booked with names big and small.
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