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Saudi university boosts rankings by aggressively recruiting world's top researchers

King Abdulaziz University, a little-known university in Saudi Arabia, ranks seventh in the world in mathematics, edging out other universities with reputable math departments. But their newfound prestige is a product of an aggressive recruitment program targeting some of the world’s top scientists.
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Paul Lynam and Patrick Maloney operate the Great Lick Refractor, completed in 1888, for a student tour in May. Photo: Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/Staff

Facing a waning future

Researchers reel from defunding of only UC-owned observatory

Researchers are reeling from the abrupt decision last year to terminate all funding for the university’s only fully owned observatory — the only one where graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from across the UC system can design and execute their own research projects.
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Badminton birdies take flight at UC Berkeley

Shuttlecock, a middle schooler’s favorite word, tends to raise eyebrows and provoke giggles among those who are unfamiliar with badminton. The shuttlecock, also called a birdie, is the only nonspherical ball used in a racket sport — its feathers and weighted head cause the birdie to fly in an unusual trajectory that’s difficult to
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