Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray on demonstrators protesting at UC Davis.

Gov. Brown requests review of police use of force guidelines

Spurred by graphic images from recent police uses of force at UC campuses, Gov. Jerry Brown has requested that state police officers review their policies for using force and make changes to their guidelines accordingly. In a Monday letter to the state Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training, Brown wrote
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Fighting the campus army

Given Insight

Oh Berkeley, you fickle mistress! I thought that I had seen every side of you, my dear. We’ve endured so much together over the past three years — a social security scam, an endless array of protests, several building occupations and even a riot. By now, I figured that I’d
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Educating the enforcers

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The recent incidents of excessive force by police on two campuses should be a wake up call for officers and campus administrators.

The University of California has been receiving negative attention in the media recently, and this time it’s not for tuition hikes. Police officers at UC Davis on Friday pepper-sprayed docile student protesters directly in their faces while they sat on the ground linking arms. Videos of the incident have since
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UC Faculty Associations condemn police violence

The Council of UC Faculty Associations has condemned the police action taken against protesters at UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC Davis, as well as one California State University campus. The council called UCPD’s use of pepper spray at UC Davis and batons at UC Berkeley against student protesters “unprovoked, disproportional
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UC Davis police chief placed on administrative leave

UC Davis Chief of Police Annette Spicuzza was placed on administrative leave Sunday as a review of police use of pepper spray against student protesters Friday is conducted, the campus announced Monday. The announcement followed UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi’s request Sunday that the Yolo County District Attorney’s office and
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UC Academic Council sends statement to Yudof

On Sunday, leaders of the UC Academic Senate sent a letter to UC President Mark Yudof supporting free speech for students on UC campuses and expressing outrage at police use of force during protests at UC Berkeley and UC Davis over the past few weeks. Alisha Azevedo is the lead
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General Assembly plans events in solidarity with UC Davis

Nineteen members of the Occupy Cal movement attended the general assembly Sunday night to finalize details for a campuswide sleep-out and plans for a solidarity movement with UC Davis. The sleep-out — planned for Monday night on Sproul Plaza — is intended to continue the momentum of the Occupy movement
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Yudof, student regents address police response to protests

Two days after controversy erupted over police action at UC Davis, UC President Mark Yudof issued a statement saying he will implement “a system wide response” to address police responses to peaceful protests on UC  campuses. As part of this response, Yudof will convene all 10 campus chancellors for “full
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UC Berkeley demonstrators occupy San Francisco bank

SAN FRANCISCO — A group of protesters, including students from UC Berkeley, occupied a Bank of America branch in San Francisco Wednesday afternoon during an Occupy San Francisco march. Of the 95 demonstrators cited for trespassing at the bank, around five were UC Berkeley students. The UC Berkeley demonstrators were
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