A case for staying public

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The MBA program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management should remain public and not shift toward a private model.

In a perfect world, a volatile budget wouldn’t be a problem for competitive programs like UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. As a top-tier school, Anderson should be on a level playing field with its competition. So it is understandable why Anderson is seeking a way to avoid some of the
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The offices at Haas Pavilion will surely be buzzing with calls when single game football tickets, now dynamically priced, go on sale to the general public on Wednesday.

Cal football, men’s basketball ticket prices to change

The cost of single game football and men’s basketball tickets will vary throughout the season to reflect market value.

When single game football tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday, for the first time, they will be priced dynamically. Last Monday, Cal athletics announced a partnership with Qcue (pronounced QQ), a sports pricing software provider, for football and men’s basketball tickets.
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