UCOP passes the buck over Lick Observatory

Alvaro Azcarraga/Staff

I would like to commend Virgie Hoban and The Daily Californian for the excellent Sept. 2 article regarding Lick Observatory and the university’s astronomy program. But the comments by former UC vice president of research and graduate studies Steven Beckwith and Provost Aimee Dorr about the University of California Observatories Board and the board’s recommendation to cut funding for Lick Observatory are misleading.
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Student research comes first

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: By investing in outside facilities instead of funding Lick, the UC is depriving students from research opportunities.

Last September, the University of California decided to cease providing funds to Lick Observatory, the university’s only fully-owned observatory, by 2018.
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Paul Lynam and Patrick Maloney operate the Great Lick Refractor, completed in 1888, for a student tour in May. Photo: Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/Staff

Facing a waning future

Researchers reel from defunding of only UC-owned observatory

Researchers are reeling from the abrupt decision last year to terminate all funding for the university’s only fully owned observatory — the only one where graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from across the UC system can design and execute their own research projects.
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