A crowd of thousands flooded into Upper Sproul Plaza on the night of November 9th. More demonstrations are planned for Tuesday, November 15th.

Strike, Day of Action activities to be held Tuesday

In response to recurrent funding cuts to higher education and impassioned by police actions last week, Occupy Cal protesters will vote on whether to set up an encampment again. A general strike and a Day of Action are set to take place Tuesday on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley, beginning
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Cal, are you experienced?

Given Insight

You see it on the snickering smiles of new acquaintances after introducing yourself as a Berkeley student. You hear it in the endlessly annoying jokes your reactionary uncle cracks about “those commies at Cal.” You feel it walking to class each day passing monuments like the Mario Savio Steps and
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Community reacts to Occupy Cal and Chancellor’s response

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau: Your recent “Message to Campus Community” avows solidarity with students regarding their anger about the steady public “disinvestment in public higher education.” Nevertheless, you explain that you have necessarily enacted a “no encampment” policy. Students neglected to ask permission and failed to abide by your rules of
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Police attempt to break through a line of students on Nov. 9 during the Occupy Cal protests.

Use of police force draws fierce condemnation

For UC Berkeley graduate student Alex Barnard, the most disempowering moment of Wednesday night was not when he was repeatedly hit with a police baton, cracking one of his ribs. Instead, the most disturbing moment of his experience came afterward, when he says an officer told him he had “no
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Colbert weighs in on Occupy Cal

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert treated UC Berkeley administrators and UCPD officers — or, as Colbert called them, “skilled crisis managers” — to a satiric skewering Thursday night, commending their efforts to keep order on the “hippie haven” campus.