How to keep the spring break mood alive

Put down your sunglasses and beer cozies, Bears, spring break is officially over. We at the Clog are in mourning, too. Instead of facing it, however, we’ve decided to compile our best ways to remain in denial about the end of the break. Fill your homestead with sand If you
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Rain etiquette

Raindrops are falling on your backpack, in your shoes, on your textbooks and even on your face (though you’re not sure why this is happening given that you’re using an umbrella). Murphy’s Law has never been more in your favor than today, when you have to hike from Hertz Hall
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In-between weather essentials

For those of you new to NorCal, the current weather may be confusing to you. One day, it’s hot and sunny, the next, rainy and windy. We at the Clog consider ourselves Berkeley weather experts, and thus we have put together this list of weird-weather essentials. Keep these items in
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For the love of rain boots

Dearest Rainboots, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and height of the deepest puddle When on rainy days, under umbrellas we all huddle For brave protection from a cold winter’s day. I love thee for saving pinkie toes from sorrow In
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Packing essentials for any good UC Berkeley student

While week two designates that the semester is well underway for the greater UC Berkeley population, there are many who are taking their studies abroad this semester. However, going abroad for an entire semester, or even a year, means that you have to face some struggles of your own –
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Quiz: Are you ready for the rain?

Despite the fact that the weather has been all over the place these past few weeks — brace yourself, Berkeley, there’s a definite possibility that the rain is coming back! Because of the countless people in shorts and flip flops and the people in head-to-toe fancy rain gear, we thought this
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Raincoats vs. Umbrellas

These past couple of weeks, we at Berkeley have experienced far more than our fair share of rain. A simple walk in between classes involved getting completely soaked from head to toe. The widespread Berkeley campus can lead to some lengthy strolls, which can be quite tranquil in the sunshine,
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