University takes step toward right direction

When an undocumented student receives an acceptance letter from one of the University of California campuses, they’re immediately at a disadvantage compared to students with citizenship. Unlike citizens, undocumented students have fewer financial resources at their fingertips to help them through their years at UC Berkeley. In the state of
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It’s time to change tactics

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Forming a working relationship with UC President Janet Napolitano is more effective than calling for her to resign.

A more constructive relationship with Napolitano is necessary if students are to continue successfully lobbying the UC administration.
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Napolitano makes her case

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: UC President Janet Napolitano’s proposal to freeze tuition for the next academic year is promising for UC students.

UC President Janet Napolitano took a bold step Wednesday at the UC Board of Regents meeting in San Francisco, proposing an undergraduate tuition freeze for the 2014-15 academic year. The tuition freeze, in addition to a number of other progressive measures announced at the meeting, show Napolitano is going to
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